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    So, what do you have on? Part 1

    As stated before I’ve had a lot of requests for what I wear both to work and out and about. So here’s a first taste of what that looks like. I attended a private party at a bar. There was going to be a lot of cool people there (at least that's what they though) and I wanted to look fly.

    real life_1real life_2

    I like this outfit. It’s comfortable and easy to move around in plus it looks “classically updated” enough to stand out without being obnoxious. Here’s how I break it down:

    Shirt: Brand new standard v-neck t-shirt. I save the white ones for special occasions because so often people will rock a white t that’s been through the wash a few times and it looks like it. I keep a few white t’s lying around with the tag still on so I know it’s going to fit well and look pristine. It’s a great way to look fresh without spending a lot of money. I do the same things with black t’s.

    Jacket: It has been tailored to fit. You can see in the shoulders it’s right where it needs to be and when buttoned it gives a great silhouette. I love the pattern and the fabric. It’s lightweight but still has a lot of body to it. The creases and wrinkles that are created during regular movement catch the light just right. I love that southern classic look and the way it’s cut gives it a more updated look. Wearing a blazer is easy because it can come off to dress down a situation or physically cool off.

    Jeans: Currently my favorite pair in rotation. Very comfortable, just the right fit and a dark enough wash to look respectable without standing out.

    Shoes: My favorite part of this outfit. They are brown, which match my belt (not seen) and made out of buffalo. Yeah, I said Buffalo. PETA can kiss my ass, these things are bad ass.

    Some things to consider: The t-shirt under the jacket gives it a much more laidback look and shouldn’t be worn if the environment is conservative or business formal. I’m not afraid to rock a little chest hair so make sure you have the personality to pull that off. Choosing a jacket like this makes a statement that you’re not afraid to go outside of the norm (navy, black, pinstripe). As long as nothing you have on is too out there others will respect your style and might even think of you as a little daring.

    Outfit specs: Jacket – Billy Reid / T-Shirt – American Apparel / Jeans – Ernst Sewn / Shoes – Billy Reid

    Reader Comments (2)

    Being one of those at the party and watching the Wonder Good style transform the room into a big ball of envy, I can testify this outfit rocked.

    November 22, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAndy Ellwood

    it's about time you put some photos of yourself up!

    March 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNicole

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